botanical peace

botanical peace - gouache on watercolour paper - Susan Black - original painted in 2009 

There is no try
only make & do

This morning I was looking through my assortment of greeting cards for a birthday card for a friend (recent card samples from licensees & much older self published greeting cards). I came across this image, another image from my messin' around trying to find my own voice/style days, from I swear way back in 2009 - perhaps I was ahead of my own time ;-)

Like many creatives I rarely "like" anything I do at the time I'm doing it - it's rare that I "like" it 6 months later. So you can imagine then, how difficult that lack of either objectivity/subjectivity becomes when you're creating new work for a customer.
I basically want to plead with every one of them "tell me you LOVE it, please " because I can't tell if it's loveable … yet.

It's so interesting to me how this nearly 5 year old painting fits perfectly into the groove of my current, much more established, style & direction. More proof that "make & do" is truly the secret to success and to save everything, something you feel just okay about today you may treasure a few years down the road and it may inspire a whole mess of new ideas.

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