red buildings & the sea

more of my favourite things - beautiful wooden buildings and a life by the sea ;-)


beautiful, beautiful, vibrant

one of my favourite spots on the big dock beside the Bluenose II / looking across the harbour to the golf course / a large ocean bouy near The Fisheries Museum located on Bluenose Drive /  Lunenburg selfie / from the end of that dock / the Bluenose II tusked in still, in her winter protective coat / a dreamy soft focus happy accident shot / fishing boats at the federal dock  on a recent sunshiny day / gorgeous wooden fishing shacks near where the Polar Prince is at dock / a new favourite tiny beach / Lunenburg you are so colourful, so beautiful, so vibrant /  a little wave - another shot from my favourite tiny beach on the edge of town

She created a life she loved

She being me ... of course this life of mine is continually a work in progress but I must say my new life lately in Lunenburg is magically good. Good in so many ways ! Great, wonderful, fantastic, exciting, stimulating ... beautiful, beautiful, vibrant.

I may not write much here anymore  ... but I promise to post photos often & follow me on Instagram for lots of daily photos of life, loves, art, Lunenburg & cats (of course ;-)

* my one little word for 2015 is create & I'm creating in every way I can imagine - happy, happy


pink/coral floral

9 x 12 on paper - pink & coral floral - assorted pens, markers & gel pen - Susan Black © 2015


kraft / gold / black / white

6 x 9 cardboard black, gold & white floral A, B & both - assorted pens, markers & gel pen - Susan Black © 2015


black & white floral No.1

9 x 12 black & white floral A & B - assorted pens, markers & gel pen - Susan Black © 2015


red, kraft & black - favourites

red, kraft & black floral - markers & paint pens on 6x9 sketchbook page © Susan Black 2015

Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. 
Art is knowing which ones to keep. 
Scott Adams

& I would suggest - keep all your mistakes, all your practice pieces because sometimes they don't actually seem that great when you first create them. Save them all and look at them again sometime in the future ... they might just become art to you.


creativity & resistance

pink & lavender floral - markers & paint pens on 6x9 sketchbook page © Susan Black 2015

The most important thing about art is to work.
Nothing else matters except sitting down every day and trying. Steven Pressfield The War of Art

Since January I've developed an almost every night sketchbook page project/habit and it's been fantastic in helping me find more pure creative time in my day. I retreat to my bed (the nest of down & flannel) with my cats and Netflix or an audio book, a blank sheet of paper, an array of markers and pens - I do this every night at 7pm. This new habit was sparked by me signing up for Lisa Congden's CreativeBug course Sketchbook Explorations a course which I highly recommend.

Most nights I get myself tucked in under the covers and that blank page and I have our first confrontation - it's never pleasant and almost always a surprise to me how much Resistance I have around "beginning". Last night was as bad as it gets. That blank page and I battled it out, me coming up with a million & 1 reasons why I couldn't begin. In a very whiny voice I reminded that blank page that I couldn't decide what colours to use and I wasn't at all sure where on the page I should start. Maybe I'll take a night off I told it hoping of course that the blank page would agree ... thankfully it was not so.

The above floral sketch is a result of me ignoring Resistance, or maybe it's more like accepting Resistance. Admittedly I did bargain a little, reminding myself that I could stop at any time, I could begin again on a fresh page if I didn't like how this was turning out. I chose my colour palette, picked out my pens and began. Naturally the first 1/6th of the page I continued to feel attached to Resistance and unsure of where my drawing was going ... if it was headed anywhere. By 1/3rd of the way into filling the page I had a direction along with many newly arrived sparks of ideas. The ironic thing is last night my Resistance was at an all time high but by working through that battle of feeling blocked by "doing" the resulting page is one of my all time favourites. 

It's a favourite not only because I'm pleased with how the finished page looks but best of all it gave me lots of new creative ideas and directions plus a renewed sense of confidence which will make tonight's Resistance a barely there thing.

The thing about having an everyday creative practice is you become more used to this battle and much more accepting that there are going to be days (or nights in my case) where what you create (at least in the moment) feels like shit ... like a big waste of time but you never know because that shit night might be just the ticket to make the next night's effort golden. It's been my experience - basically the more you do, the more confident you become, the more you do the better you become. 

* file under things that cease to amaze ;-)

Fear doesn't go away. The warrior and the artist live by the same code of necessity, which dictates that the battle must be fought anew every day. Steven Pressfield The War of Art